gzruby rubygems 镜像

The Guangzhou Ruby Group's Rubygems Mirror

这是一个http://rubygems.org 的镜像。在中国,如果没有VPN或者proxy的话, Ruby开发者往往很难直接连接到rubygems服务器。希望这个镜像可以为大家提供一个解决的办法。

This is a mirror for http://rubygems.org that should be accessible for anyone in South China. It is provided as an alternative solution for ruby developers in China who may not be able to access the rubygems servers directly without a VPN or proxy.

设置 Setup your client

在你的gemfile 里面添加下列内容
Add the following line to your Gemfile:

source "https://gems.gzruby.org"

And change your ~/.gemrc to something like this:

- https://gems.gzruby.org
gem: --no-rdoc --no-ri

This rubygems mirror is maintained by:

+ gzruby - the Guangzhou Ruby User's Group.

+ Powered by Gemstash

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